What Makes a Man Fall In Love and Stay In Love

What Makes a Man Fall In Love and Stay In Love

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What makes a man fall in love with you? Do you want to know why men fall in love with women? Do you want to know why men fall in love with some women but not others?

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If you want to know what makes a man crave to be with a certain woman and not with others read this entire page because once you read this entire article you will know that everything you’ve been taught about men is wrong.

The media teaches us that in order to make a man fall in love you have to give him sex, or that you have to look like a super model; the women’s magazines teach us that you have to become a gourmet cook and that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Or perhaps you think that if you just do more, he will realize what a good thing is standing in front of him, and commit to you.

The truth is, a man falls in love not because you look gorgeous, and not because you do all kinds of nice things for him.

A man falls in love with a certain woman because she knows how to trigger certain emotional triggers in a man’s heart.

A woman who knows how to make a man fall in love on a deep emotional level can get any man and keep him forever, or as long as she wants.

The truth is, men do not respond to convincing and words. Men fall in love with certain women not because of what those women say, and men certainly do not respond well to attempts to convince them that they should be committed.

When a man falls in love, he can’t really put a finger on it. He doesn’t know what it is that made him fall in love with a certain woman. He just knows there is something about her, but he doesn’t know what it is.

He will remember certain moments about being with this woman; he will remember the smell of her hair, the way she folds her hair behind her neck, the way she smiles at him, and the look in her eyes when she is looking at him.

When you connect with a man on a deep emotional level, he won’t know what hit him. He’ll just feel intoxicating feeling of love for you.

When you are able to trigger those hidden psychological switches, a man will commit to you without you saying a word to him.

You won’t ever have to bring up the talk about where this relationship is going. He will be the one bringing up the talk.

In my personal life I have never been the one to initiate this kind of talk.

In fact, until I became a relationship coach I didn’t know this what was happening.

I’ve always thought that it was what men do, simply because men always initiated this serious talk with me, and asked me for commitment.

And this is how it’s supposed to be.

A woman who embraces her femininity will never ever ask a man for commitment or initiate a serious talk.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you talk about with a man. Words do not bring a man closer and they don’t make a man fall in love.

If you know anything about men, you should know that men speak with actions.

Men don’t do really well with words.

Sure, when you are already in a relationship, you should use certain communication techniques that will make you connect to a man on a deeper level. Words and the right communication techniques are all great tools ONCE you are ALREADY in a relationship.

But until that happens, there are certain things that need to take place in order for a man to feel initial emotional attraction leading to a deeper commitment and all-encompassing feeling of love.

In order to trigger that feeling of love that will grow and become something incredible you must communicate beyond your words.

There are some women who just have that aura about them. These women can get any man they want.

I am one of those women, and I will teach you how I you can also become one of those women who can get and keep a man of their choice.

Read this page – Make Him Fall In Love


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How To Attain Or Regain His Interest

How To Attain Or Regain His Interes

Is your ex-boyfriend ignoring you? Do you want to know how to regain his interest and make him contact you again?

–       Are you still not over The One That Got Away and want to make him to come to you?

–       Are you still baffled why the man you had incredible chemistry with never called you again and want to make him get in touch with you?

Don’t give up on him just yet!



With the power of the Internet & social networking what seemed to be impossible just ten years ago is EASILY achievable TODAY when you know how to utilize the latest technology to regain the interest of any man who got away whether it’s your ex, a guy who never called or a man you have always wanted but never had!

Whether it is a man you went out with on one date or several dates, your ex boyfriend who dumped you, or the man who flirted but never asked you out, YOU CAN GET THIS MAN!

The beauty of social networking is that it CAN BRING YOUR MAN TO YOU easily and make HIM contact you without you trying too hard, without seeming like a stalker, and on his own initiative!

I am going to teach you how to get the man you want to contact you on FanBox if he has lost interest in you or forgot about you!

–       Even if you aren’t FanBox friends now, I will show you how to make him add you as a FanBox friend as the first step in making him contact you! And I will show you what to do next!

I will teach you how to refresh his GOOD memories of you, remind him of the GREAT CHEMISTRY YOU HAD, and make him want to chase you with renewed desire!

When you follow the EXACT STEPS I have outlined for you in this system, you will remind him of you in subtle ways, attract him, make him wonder about you, regain his interest and make him want to contact you first!

Don’t Worry! You will NOT come off as a stalker!

I will show you how to do all of the above in a way that you will never come off as a stalker.

This is very important!

If you don’t do it right, you may damage the situation even more, so it is CRITICAL that you learn how to do it in the CORRECT WAY!

This comprehensive guide will teach you how:

You can increase your ‘perceived’ value in his eyes so that he will think higher of you.

You can contact him subtly and indirectly so that he will not think of you as a pest.

You can let him change his initial perception of you to a lot more favorable impression of you.

You can get HIM to chase you and turn the tables around completely.

and more…

This guide is NOT about doing all sorts of things to make him jealous by creating fake guys profiles and befriending them, and it is not about posting questionable quality pictures of you embracing various guys to make him jealous. Doing so is very transparent and it will only hurt you.

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Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever!

How To Attract a Man, Mesmerize Him, Seduce His Mind, Get Him Addicted To You and Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever!”



Have you ever met a man who seemed perfect and yet after a few dates he seemed to have lost interest? And you really wanted to find out why and what happened…….. and you really tried to take things to the next level…But for some reason… It just didn’t work out…Or perhaps he said one of those ‘men excuses’ – ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, or ‘I just don’t think I am ready for a relationship at this time’, or ‘I don’t think it’s going to work out’, or ‘I don’t want anything serious’ etc.

Do you find it difficult to keep a man’s interest beyond a few dates?

Have you ever slept with a man too soon only to get the ‘I am not ready’ excuse from him the next morning?

Or perhaps you don’t have a problem meeting men and getting asked out, but find that men always run away at the first sign that a relationship might get a bit more serious?

Or maybe you slept with a man and thought he was your boyfriend, but he lost interest shortly after….

…. and you found out that he had met another woman and is treating her much better than he ever did you…. and they’ve only gone out on a couple of dates but he is already taking her away on an exotic vacation… when all he ever did with you was to watch DVD’s and eat popcorn at his apartment….

Do you ask yourself any of the following questions:

  • why can’t I find and attract a decent man?
  • why is it that every time I meet someone I am interested in, he is not interested in me in return?

  • why can’t keep a man’s interest beyond a few dates?


  • why do men only use me for my body and throw me away after they are done with me?

  • will I ever attract a quality man or will I always have to settle for the bottom of the barrel?

  • why do some women have luck with men and I don’t?


  • why does it always happen to me that I end up loosing the man I am really interested in?

  • will I ever find a high quality man who will fall in love with me, and will not turn out to be a jerk like everyone else I’ve dated before?


  • why does dating a new man start out strong but fizzle out every time?

See, I am one of those women who know the secret strategies on how to make any man fall in love with you…. he won’t even know what hit him…. and this has nothing to do with looks of with what seems ‘good on paper’… and I am about to share my secret strategies, never before revealed with you….

If you fear that you mightend up lonely for the rest of your life

If you think that all men are jerks…

If you find that men become distant and withdrawn every time you try to take things to the ‘next level’…

If you feel that men you date always take you for granted…

If you feel that men you date don’t treat you the way you deserve….

If you are starting to lose hope that you will ever find a man for a relationship….… if the very thought of looking for a man frustrates you….

If every date is a constant source of anxiety and fear for you because you don’t know how it will turn out…

If you struggle to understand how men think and what they think, and what to say to them…

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